Best Bike Brakes

best bike brakes

    bike brakes
  • Bicycle brake systems are used to slow down or stop a bicycle. There have been various types of brakes used throughout history, and several are still in use today. The three main types are: rim brakes, disc brakes, and drum brakes.

Shimano 600 0010

Shimano 600 0010

These are not the best calipers to use with Campy Ergo Power levers, but they are a takeoff from an earlier bike. The Ergo Power levers don't have the cable pull these guys expect, so their effectiveness is reduced. As takeoffs, though, they were free, a big plus for me. Other things I like about them is the weight is reasonable, the classic look, and the quick release on the caliper. The caliper QR isn't really necessary with Campy levers, which have a QR built in, but I like it there.

A shot from my test roll for my Cosina C1s with 35/70 lens. Wasn't looking for this rig, but at $30 I couldn't resist. The film was expired Fuji Pro 160 I bought a bunch of @ $2.50/roll. Only thing that was full price was the developing. The Cosina lens gives good results, though I don't care much for the way the C1s shoots.

Lt custom bike 18

Lt custom bike 18

This bike was custom build over a year and won many prices. One of them best custom bike of 2008 in the Performance Bike contest.
It has only special parts on it and lot's of one off's!!

Some of the parts:
-MotoGP display with special made software by 2D.
- Brake cable connector from a Peugeot 908 Le Mans
- SBK Brembo brakes front/rear
- Brembo thumb brake
- etc... look at the description of the set for the complete list!

This photo was made by Ben Part but couldn't resist it to upload it! ;-)

best bike brakes

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