Covers For Bikes : How To Adjust Disc Brakes On A Bike

Covers For Bikes

covers for bikes

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Advertising in a Bike Culture

Advertising in a Bike Culture

I've mentioned this before but I haven't seen it for a while. Until today.

This is a unique way of advertising in Copenhagen. Printing rain covers for bike seats with [insert your product of message here] and then slap them onto hundreds of bikes.

These ones were outside the university and advertised for a job and career convention where students can learn about different job opportunities.

Cover for Debut CD "Sacrifice of Love"

Cover for Debut CD "Sacrifice of Love"

Here you have the CD cover for my debut CD, you can visit my main website t listen to more of
find me also on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or MySpace

Photography:Nicolas Felizola
CD art: Felix Chi

covers for bikes

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