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ramps for bmx bikes

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  • Bicycle motocross or BMX refers to the sport in which the main goal is extreme racing on bicycles in motocross style on tracks with inline start and expressive obstacles, and it is also the term that refers to the bicycle itself that is designed for dirt and motocross cycling.

  • (ramp) North American perennial having a slender bulb and whitish flowers

  • Rush about violently or uncontrollably

  • (ramp) an inclined surface connecting two levels

  • Provide or build (something) with a ramp

  • (of an animal) Rear up on its hind legs in a threatening posture

  • (ramp) behave violently, as if in state of a great anger

Ramp Thursday PM with Kevin Robinson Practice

Ramp Thursday PM with Kevin Robinson Practice

Thursday afternoon, 6/12
This series is the day by day progress of the ramp set-up for Kevin Robinson's jump Thursday, June 12, ending with his practice just before the jump.

From ESPN Magazine “Records are meant to be broken. In most sports, records are also meant to be revered, discussed at length and argued about heatedly after one too many beers. A record is not, however, meant to be humbly handed over out of respect for the athlete who is attempting to break it. But that's what happened last night in Central Park.

To fully understand what took place, you'll need a bit of back-story:

Mat Hoffman is the BMX rider credited with fathering the sport of freestyle BMX. He is the first action sports athlete we put on the cover of ESPN The Magazine, back in August 2005, when we called him The Toughest Man in Sports. In the early 90s, in an attempt to push his sport, Hoffman began building 20-foot-tall quarterpipes (what are now referred to as super-quarterpipes) in his backyard in Edmond, Okla. On these ramps—the precursors to today's mega-ramps—Hoffman began setting height records on his bike. More than once, he nearly killed himself in the attempt. But his most recent world record of 26 ? feet above a 23-foot-tall ramp has stood since 2004.

Introduce Kevin Robinson, a 36-year-old BMX rider who's ridden for Hoffman Bikes, Mat's company, for 16 years. On Thursday night, in a tribute to his mentor, Robinson attempted to break Hoffman's world height record.

"I'm dedicating this jump to him." Robinson said. "Mat took a chance on me. I was just a skinny, 120-pound kid from Rhode Island, but he saw something in me."

The state-of-the-art ramp, which featured 40- and 60-foot roll-ins and a 27-foot-tall quarterpipe—plus a million-dollar-plus production budget—was a far cry from the days of Hoffman's self-built ramps and motorcycle tow-ins. But even with technology Hoffman could have only dreamed of in 1992, Robinson was falling short. After a few attempts, and a few hard falls, it looked like he might not break Hoffman's record after all. The TV window had ended and the crowd was growing restless. At this point, an announcer informed the crowd that the measuring device was not working, and that, instead, video cameras would be placed at the top of the smaller, 40-foot roll-in across from the quarterpipe and Kevin's height would be determined by a committee also seated on the roll-in. The committee chairman: Mat Hoffman.

Kevin Robinson on one of his world record attempts.
On his next attempt, Robinson landed cleanly and awaited his height. The announcer read the results: "The official height is 26 feet, seven inches." He'd beaten the record by an inch. Not satisfied, Robinson made one final attempt, and again rode away clean. Official height: 27 feet, his pre-set goal.

After the event, Hoffman was beaming with pride. He'd just watched his good friend not only break his record, but also walk away unharmed. Hoffman
explained that he wasn't happy with the way the height was being recorded. "They were making it impossible," he said. "To me, too much gets lost in the number. A record is about pushing the sport and doing something no one else can. That's how it should be graded. So I took control. I told them I would form a committee, go up to the top of the roll-in, and tell them how high he was. I didn't want anyone else telling him when he'd broken the record."

But, an inch? That's some precise eyesight.

"I'm good," Hoffman said. ‘We're a tight committee.’” --ESPN Magazine

Oli Jones - Tuck no hander

Oli Jones - Tuck no hander

I haven't shot BMX for a long time, I finally got round to it this evening. Pretty happy with this.

1 vivitar 285 1/2 power to the right of myselft
1 sigma full power behind the ramp for rim lighting.
TRIGGERED BY: minimagic radio transmitters

shot on a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8

ramps for bmx bikes

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