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  • (Mountain biking) Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.

  • a bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires; originally designed for riding in mountainous country

  • (Mountain Biking) A designated, rugged, natural surfaced, single track trail that offers a range of riding opportunities.

  • A bicycle with a light sturdy frame, broad deep-treaded tires, and multiple gears, originally designed for riding on mountainous terrain

    buy online
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Getting our almost $1000 in tickets. Story below:

Getting our almost $1000 in tickets. Story below:

OK- so here is what happened when we were riding around lake tahoe: there is really only one route around the lake and a 5 mile stretch was closed for repaving. There was a state trooper posted at the road with the flagmen that we spoke with asking how to get around the lake. The only option was to go down into Reno, back through Carson City, and up into CA adding over 50 miles and insane climbing. So we decided to "walk" a really technical mountain bike trail that followed the stretch of the road we needed. It was a 12 mile trail and way to hard to walk in carbon shoes carrying bikes. So we left the trail and just walked in the woods, following the road. We walked for over 2 miles when a road worker saw us and told us that they were taking lunch for the next hour and we could ride on the road if we were fast and careful. We thanked him and hoped on our bikes and took off. We passed another construction worker that told us to be careful. We got to the end of the stretch and there was a lady construction worker who yelled at us and told us we were going to be arrested. We were almost to CA so we rode hard and tried to make it to the state line when the Nevada state trooper that was at the road block passed us in the opposite direction with lights blazing. He 180'd and pulled us over. He jumped out of his car, ran at us red-faced and screaming "YOU WANT TO GO TO JAIL?!?!? YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL FOR DISOBEYING A PEACE OFFICER!!!!". We tried to explain calmly what happened but he wouldn't let us talk. He took our ID's and went back to his car. He was shaking he was so mad. He called a local sheriff to help figure out what to charge us with. It took almost 30 minutes for him to come up with "charges" for us after making multiple phone calls. He ticketed Michelle first. She got charged with "obstructing a peace officer" (which is a "withholding evidence" charge) and "driving on a closed road" (which is a motor vehicle charge- and specifically states that bicycles aren't included in the official code that we looked up). The ticket totaled $490. Every time we tried to talk to him he just screamed "YOU'LL HAVE YOUR DAY IN COURT!". He took my license and started to write up the same charges but he came back and told me he'd be mailing me my ticket because his "blackberry crapped out". We asked what would happen if he just took us to jail and he said he would but he'd call a tow truck to tow our bicycles to an impound lot and it'd be 2 days before we saw a magistrate. After pulling the "c'mon man- I'm a vet and it's memorial day weekend" card, he told me he'd "let us off" with just the $490 tickets. The cop was the worst... He was a total "Reno 911" cop. Shaved arms, too tight shirt, stupid mirrored oakleys, etc. He was most likely younger than us. The actual ticket is full of mistakes. He misspelled "BYCYCLE" and got the weather wrong. He got the road and location of arrest wrong. But best of all, he wrote Michelle's DL number wrong! Not sure if it's still traceable, but I'm pushing for Michelle to just ignore it. Worst case scenario, she has a warrant in NV (right?). I'm lucky she got the ticket and not me- the odds of me getting arrested in Vegas are far higher than than her getting arrested. There really don't appear to be any other options than going (buying a plane ticket to Reno/hotel = $$$) paying the ticket ($$$$) or ignoring it. It seems you can write a judge and ask for a dismissal, but according to online research, it's not very likely to happen.

Oh well. All in all, it was hilarious. And worse case scenario, if we pay it, it was still worth not having to ride an extra 50-some miles.



Wendy tagged me ages ago, then Jennifer and Katy piled on while I was down. Here are some things:

1. My feet don’t smell. At all. But they’re pretty gnarly, in a tree-root way (not a ‘90s Californian mountain biking way). I think I like things this way round.

2. I’ve never met a Canadian I didn’t like.

3. Apologies to the large number of my Flickr friends who are vegxcore, but I like Offal. To eat, that is.

I don’t know why I capitalised offal, I don’t worship it. In Frankfurt I was served a plate of mashed spud, sauerkraut and a variety of mysterious meat products, all of which were delicious. I christened it the Slaughterhouse Five.

4. My middle name is Beldon, but I tell people it’s Bellend.

5. I don’t like chocolate at all, except white, which is barely chocolate at all, but I love it.

6. Although I’ve been unable to ride them since 2003, I still find bikes (motor- and push-) fascinating.

7. I can name most British bird species.

8. I have a healthy disregard for food expiry dates. I tend to assume they’re over-cautious so (a) the manufacturer is safe from litigation and (b) we buy more, sooner than necessary. OK, if there’s hairy blue mould on it, I’ll bin it, unless it’s meant to have hairy blue mould on it, like certain cheeses, bread products and meats. That houmous I ate last week was distinctly fizzy.

9. I don’t have a TV, in the same way that an alcoholic doesn’t have a drinks cabinet.

10. I like airports and motorway service stations. Granted, they’re inflated-prices-because-we’ve-got-the-monopoly holes, and the coffee’s crap, but you’re there because you’re going somewhere, right ?

11. Until recently (at the risk of sounding like a smug Radio 4 bellend), my favourite quote was from Samuel Johnson: "A cucumber should be well sliced, liberally sprinkled with salt, pepper and vinegar, and thrown away."

However, my friends Tim and Rachel were recently teaching their five-year-old daughter about being kind to animals. Establishing boundaries, she enquired "Would you be cross if I hit an owl with a pie ?", which knocks Samuel so-called Johnson into a cocked hat.

11. Space, Sparks, Brains, Stick, Holiday Steve and Metal Man are nicknames I’ve tolerated. I always liked the name Nash "National" Kato (from Urge Overkill), and I wanted an online name that sounded particularly British; Frazer Nash is a long-defunct car manufacturer.

12. I am running out of ideas.

13. (See 12)

14. Of the 123 stuffs that white people like, I only like 35, which makes me 28.46% white. Except…

15. As I am 15/16 of the way through the list, I’ll now reveal my incredibly prosaic ethnic makeup: I’m 15/16 English, and 1/16 Not English.

16. Any questions ?

mountain bike buy online

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